The Versatile Hoof and Shoe Cleaning Tool

First used by horsemen on horses. Now used by athletes nationwide.

In the beginning, PickBrush was used by horsemen to clean horses' hooves, but it has evolved to be used for many other applications. From a worker cleaning his boots daily to Major League Baseball players cleaning their cleats after a big game, PickBrush embraces versatility like no other product in the market.


Today, PickBrush is officially used by MLB's Detroit Tigers!


Jim Schmakel has been at the helm of the Tiger's Clubhouse for the past 35 years. He has seen 

Field Managers and players come and go during this time. He noticed they tried all sorts of equipment to help put on the safest and best possible game.


When Jim first looked at and held the PickBrush, he said to Dr. Fritz, “Where did you get this? I have been looking for this tool for 30 years!” Dr. Fritz asked, "What do you mean, Jim?" “Well, each year before Spring Training, I search through hardware stores until I can find something that my men can use all year long to clean spikes during games and after games…usually, I wind up buying screw drivers and wire brushes. This tool can do both jobs! How much are they?”  With the price quoted, Jim then asked for his secretary to bring him a blank Detroit Tiger Purchase Order. Jim personally filled out and signed the purchase order requesting a dozen PickBrushes. It was as simple as that.



Ball Sports

Similar to baseball, PickBrush can benefit for many other cleats used for ball sports. Football and soccer cleats can both be easily cleaned and maintained using PickBrush.


Many golfers wear shoes with spikes attached to the soles designed to increase traction, helping the player to keep his/her balance during the swing, on greens, or in wet conditions. In an attempt to minimize the severity of spike marks made on greens, many golf courses only allow plastic spikes during play. The PickBrush is the best product on the market to keep these spikes clean, and therefore maintaining their full functionality.
Knowing the proper running shoe suited to your foot is very important for the physical wellbeing of a runner. However, proper maintenance is required for all shoes. PickBrush can be used to clean various running shoes, including lightweight spikes used on tracks and heavier cross country cleats. Maintaining cleanliness of all running shoes helps keep the traction, fitting, and balance of the shoe as they are intended to be.


Your horse's feet are more important than you think.


A horse's hoof is a structure surrounding the distal phalanx of the 3rd digit (digit III of the basic pentadactyl limb of vertebrates, evolved into a single weight-bearing digit in equids) of each of the four limbs of Equus species, which is covered by complex soft tissue and keratinised (cornified) structures. Since a single digit must bear the full proportion of the animal's weight that is borne by that limb, the hoof is of vital importance to the horse.
The phrase "no hoof, no horse" underlines how much the health and the strength of the hoof is crucial for horse soundness. Keeping the sole of the horse's foot clean and free from dirt including urine soaked feces is a daily battle and extremely important to the health of the foot. The PickBrush is the ultimate ideal instrument to accomplish this goal.


PickBrush is great for more than just sports!


Work Boots

Keeping your shoes clean is an important factor in their lifespan. Especially for boots, dirt, gravel, and other things we step on daily can dramatically wear down the bottom of our shoes. For the daily worker, PickBrush can make cleaning off your muddy work boots easy.


Hiking Boots

For the outdoorsman, it can be used to keep hiking boots pristine. By using PickBrush, your boots will keep your feet more protected and last longer.

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