Dr. Robert Fritz & the PickBrush

‚ÄčThe PickBrush idea and concept was born in 1995, when veterinarian Dr. Robert Fritz DVM observed a groom who was cleaning and washing his horse's feet (something done every day to a racehorse, or any horse) using a normal and common foot pick, which was taped to the handle of an ordinary handbrush. Over the next seven years Dr. Fritz, in his spare time, worked up several designs until he found the ideal brush, which would work perfectly with the footpick molded into the handle in just the right position.


The hope of any invention is that it will somehow improve and change the way we do things. The PickBrush does just that...it provides a better and an easier way to remove the trapped debris from around the cleats on an athletic shoe, the spaces between the treads on a cross-country running shoe, between the ridges on a hunting or work boot, between the spikes on a golf shoe, or the crevices and sulci in a horse's hoof.

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