"Each year before Spring Training, I search through hardware stores until I can find something that my men can use all year long to clean spikes during games and after games…usually, I wind up buying screw drivers and wire brushes. This tool can do both jobs!"


–Jim Schmakel

Detroit Tigers Clubhouse Manager


“It’s awesome and it works! I’ve been using it now almost daily, and I can honestly say it’s the only hoof-picking tool I use in the barn now...The large brush does a much better job than the skimpy ones attached to lesser-quality picks. A couple of quick swipes, and the sole is clean...The grip is perfect for someone like me with considerable arthritis. This is the one pick that never winds up flying across the aisle accidentally, and I love that since my hand is slipped through the handle, I can release my fingers to use them for something else without putting the pick down or dropping it. I am a fan. My barn hand is a fan. You’ve got a winning product here!”


Joanne Friedman

Writer, Horse Farm Owner, Equine Appraiser


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